Goodbye July

It was Monday on steroids, but I got a sliver of good news.

After I got bit in the hide six ways to Sunday. Some days I have the urge to call out of work. My wallet keeps me from doing so.

You may remember I was unhappy with my boss over my promotion window lapsing. I decided to be an adult and not sulk privately over it and tell him I was upset. As I put it, “when l said I didn’t care, I meant it, but I cared when it didn’t get done in time.” He said an email had been sent so it was in motion. Ok! Better! And he apologized for not telling me that it was being handled.

Captain Awkward is right. You should use your words.

I try. I really do. I keep falling back into bad patterns. Therapy is hopefully less than a month away.

Went to church again this Sunday. This time without kid. It was a little more awkward this time. A lot of different pieces of weird happening. Nothing bad. I won’t be able to go again for awhile I’m sure. I had two Sundays off in a row. Likely won’t have another one unless I request it for another month or so. I could be wrong. Once I had a month of Sundays off. That was great.

I miss having a set schedule. I function so much better with one.

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