July is almost gone

And with it a lot of my allegedly forgiving nature.

At least that’s what someone described me as. They have no idea my capacity to hold a grudge.

I’ve had a few setbacks this month. It started out amazing. Literally after midnight July 1st was sweet.

And then.

There’s always “and then.”

One of my bosses thinks it’s his personal project to make me less “glass half empty.” I keep telling him the glass is half full of water and half full of air and therefore all full. I appreciate his desire to improve me as a human being, but one can only improve so much on nature. I’m less pessimistic than I used to be and think I’m as optimistic as I’ll ever be. So I shall move to my usual tactic of biting my tongue more often and making sure my sarcastic pressure valve is only released around people who share my sense of gallows humor.

Also tomorrow is the last day I can get promoted for a month. I reminded a different boss a couple weeks ago the form I submitted for it is expiring and do I need to fill out another one? No, he’ll get it handled. I asked him again this week. He said said he hadn’t gotten around to it, no I don’t need to submit another form, he’ll talk to who he needs to. I didn’t care so much about the promotion per se. I don’t get a raise simply for getting promoted. If it doesn’t happen tomorrow I’m not going to be thrilled. More disappointed cause I tried to stay on top of this and I feel pretty put off. I try to remember in any bureaucracy things go slower than we think they should. I do. There’s a feeling I can’t shake, that something is rotten in Denmark, but I’m not savvy enough to pin it down the way I could at Old Job.

Maybe it’s just the paranoia and we’re all the star of our own movie and my bosses have their own scripts to follow that don’t overlap with mine yada yada yada.

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