You either have it

Or you’ve had it

I’m over so much. I’m chronically frustrated at work. The Twitter One can kiss my ass over pretty much everything he’s done. Tonight I was so worn during my shower I got my shampoo and conditioner mixed up. It honestly didn’t seem to make that much of a difference.

I have taken to watching lots of Benny Hill lately. I need to dig out my VHS compilations. The quality of the ones on YouTube is pretty horrible on the tv. Only problem is I’m not sure where the tapes I have wound up.

Paranoia has me thinking someone is deliberately avoiding me. I need August 9 to get here so I can enroll through the plan at work and get into therapy.

Assuming I don’t screw up and not have a job by then. The last time I was about to qualify for Blue Cross/Blue Shield the boss I had raked me over the coals for something I didn’t do and I quit. I’m not fool enough to quit this time, but I’m likely fool enough to be at the end of my rope and have a meltdown.

I know life isn’t all fun and games. I just wish the happy moments weren’t so fleeting and far apart.

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