So tired

I’ve been at New Fight Club for a month now. I had a check in – not an eval, but a “how’s it going and here’s all the reasons the company is awesome.” I was asked if I wanted to move into the next position up.
I am hesitant.

I haven’t unpacked all the baggage of Old Fight Club, especially being in what is a supervisory position. However I know they’re short handed and perhaps not  desperate but anxious to train more people in it. So I bluntly asked the boss doing my check in if I was being considered because I was a warm body or because they think I’m a fit for the position. He assured me this isn’t (as I refer to it) warm body syndrome. The managers I report directly to – and the big boss – are impressed by my work ethic and soft skills. I’ll talk with my direct manager more about this in the next couple days. If I don’t make a vertical move I’ll look into lateral ones. That may be less daunting to me.

I was drifting off to sleep. Then my parents decided it was Very Important to have a conversation in the kitchen.

Cause that’s not rude

I understand sleeping on the couch means I sacrifice privacy. But damn.


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