Gotta make room for chill

When everything is going wrong, check with your body’s answering service.

Friday I had a loooong shift.

Saturday I was still blah from Friday. When I got home from work I couldn’t sleep and stayed up way too late.

Sunday was a rough shift. 3 call outs.

Monday I forgot to turn the school alarm on. Got kid in with a minute to spare for the tardy bell. Didn’t really feel good for the rest of the day. Couldn’t sleep again.

Today (Tuesday) I dropped kid off at school then went back home to nap. Somewhere my brain changed “you have to be at work at 11:15” to “you have to be at work at 11:45.” I called work the second my phone calendar dinged saying I was supposed to be clocking in not long after I left the house. Luckily it’s not a big deal; as long as I don’t make it a habit all will be forgiven. But y’all know tardiness is NOT my habit. The fact this happened at all bothers me. Later I realized this was my 13th shift. I’m not generally superstitious, but damn it kinda made sense after that.

On my lunch break I sat down and examined the past few days. Long story short: anxiety is getting the better of me. I’m having more trouble adjusting to New Fight Club than I thought. My set schedule is gone, and it’s disorienting. My appetite and sleep aren’t right. I’m constantly second guessing what’s coming up. So it’s time to examine self care.

  1. Consistent bedtime during the week, with medication if needed. Just have to do the best I can on the weekends.
  2. Take my anxiety and allergy medicines every day. I keep missing doses.
  3. Add a calendar widget to my home screen that shows a daily calendar. My monthly calendar on the next screen over obviously isn’t cutting it.
  4. Lay clothes for myself and kid out the night before. Headaches saved.
  5. Snooze alarms are Satan.

    I can do this.

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