New Fight Club (furthermore referred to as NFC) is a bit of a culture shock.

I don’t have to check out with management when it’s time to leave. An employee coming on tells me it’s time for my break, not my manager. Same when it’s time to leave. I only spoke to management when I needed codes for overrides (which I did…the void button and I became well acquainted).

Unlike my last job where (when busy) I’m constantly moving from one place to another, I’m in a fixed spot while actively working. I like that much better. Although it was crowded with me and my trainer in the same little area. At one point she asked if she was getting on my nerves. I was honest and said it was her proximity, not her training.

I screwed up a few times (see managers above). I triple scanned a code one time because I didn’t realize it was for the entire quantity. Luckily it was quickly fixed and all was chill. Obviously the person looked at their bill and went “uh….”

So far I have not dealt with blatantly obnoxious people. Just the garden variety passively obnoxious.

One employee (not my trainer) said I was doing really well. In my signature style I remarked, “Don’t worry – when I screw up I make it count.”

My trainer said she thought I could be turned loose. I said I was happy to keep the training wheels on as long as possible. The work isn’t really hard; I don’t know enough policy and procedures to feel chill on my own yet.

My car will be delayed further. The part they didn’t have yesterday didn’t come in. Greaaaaaaat. I can use my parents’ cars, thankfully. The garage asked if I wanted to come get it but I don’t want to risk more damage. That’s all I need right now.

I feel a super early bedtime coming on. Wake up time this morning was 5:30. School starts Monday, and once kid goes on the bus wake up might be 5-5:15.

All the change…

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