Look around, look around

At how lucky we are to be alive right now…

History is happenin' in Manhattan...Hamilton gets 16 Tony nominations

My Hamiltome arrived today, too. WORK

I ordered something, regretted it, sent an email to cancel, then they were out of stock. The world is good.

Then there was some less than happy news. However it was one of those things that probably turned out how it should have.

Kid was quite excited about the Hamiltome’s arrival. She had me sing it to her as we went through it until my vocal cords said “haha, it’s cute when you try to sing; we shall not let you continue” and we switched to listening.

We went to dinner, went to Walmart (I gave in to my desire for Snickers Ice Cream Bars). Kid saw what she wanted to get my mom for Mother’s Day. Got that and the card, went ahead and gave it to her when we got home.

Still not real happy with her.

Also got a text from my sister saying she and my brother got some gift only my mother would love, they were sending it to me to hide, and I could put my name on it if I wanted. Um, thanks but no thanks. Even if they meant well I don’t need the charity or forced inclusion.

Not sure if my assholery is reaching new heights or not.

Cruz drops out. I’m officially terrified. I didn’t like him a bit but Trump unopposed…ick. I need to take a shower.

Got a BFF signal from Fight Club asking for help. My help turned out not to be needed, so I got paid to do pretty much nothing. Some would argue I already get paid for nothing. At times they’re not wrong.

Kid gave me a massage this evening. Did pretty well, too. Think she might have a calling.

My problem in life is I want to be Alexander Hamilton, but I’m Aaron Burr without the money and pedigree.

Been having those “everything I touch turns to shit” days a lot lately. Hoping those feelings pass quickly.


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