Sunday was go go go

No one died. Considering it a success.

I got a call from work asking me to come in early. Someone quit. How nice. I went and did what I needed to at church then went to work. Just as well.

I slept hard Sunday night. It felt good.


The Hamiltome shipped! Yes!

I forgot to order a thing I need for next Sunday…no…crossing my fingers it comes in on time. Otherwise I’ll have to spend more money getting it at JoAnn’s. And cancel an order. It says ships in 1-4 business days. If it ships tomorrow I think I’ll be ok. If not…fuck.

I kept thinking of it and getting distracted.

Ran all over creation today, but I am set and settled to do n o t h i n g tomorrow. Maybe another hot bath. It’s so hot at Fight Club these days.

And read the Hamiltome. 🙂


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