It’s an ouch day

I’ve lost track of dates a lot lately. Today I opened Facebook and the date smacked me in the face…it is one that hurts occasionally.

I once had a platonic life partner/best friend. It ended as most of my relationships do, with fireworks and napalmed bridges and wondering where it all went wrong and actuality seeing the moment everything went to hell in life’s rearview mirror. Actually it’s the friend I wound up sitting across from at dinner a couple months ago. It’s his birthday. Some years I don’t notice, some years I do. This is a “do” year. Because letting go is for quitters. 😛😒

Breakfast!Buddy! did her damndest to set the tone for the day. Wonderful time as always. Unfortunately her powers cannot extend beyond breakfast time. It was a long slow decline, until Fight Club was the least of my headaches.

Compute that.

So today, on my ex-best friend’s birthday, I feel like I lost another relationship that’s meant as much to me albeit not for as long.

I am sad.


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