Knowing what I do and don’t want isn’t being “small minded”

It means I don’t have to eat crap to prove I don’t like it.

I’m crappy mom-ing it today. Couldn’t get to sleep before 2. When the school alarms went off I was like hey kid, you have an appointment at 11:45. Which means I have to pick you up at 10:45 so you don’t go to lunch. You’re sleepy and grumpy, I’m sleepy and grumpy. How about you stay home instead of going for a couple hours and getting picked up.

Funny how she wasn’t sleepy and grumpy anymore. But still was so I said fuck it and went back to sleep while she enjoyed her day off.

Took her to McDonald’s for lunch. They have plush emojis in the Happy Meal. The one she got was the XOXO one (did not know this). She said she’s sharing it with me, because she loves our hugs and kisses. How sweet.

And then she was an uncooperative jackass at the eye doctor. How sweet.

After the grocery store I declared our day out over. Home. Home and chill. Just as my parents were leaving in separate errands.

Homework went ok. Not too much fight.

I had to get out of the house. Went out for a bit. Found some sanity but still tired. Hoping for rest tonight.


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