An pleasant surprise

I wrote the wrong intergenerational service date on my calendar. There was no Sunday school today.


Of all the names that are not mine, I can’t stand being called Lauren. Someone did today. Someone I already struggle to be polite to. I want points for not fileting them.

Kid and I went to lunch. It was a little disappointing. The place we went only has what I want from there one Sunday a month, and before I magically went on all the right Sundays. Not awful. Just I wanted hamburger steak, not meatloaf.

Kid started begging to go somewhere on the way home. That little evil didn’t go to sleep until 2:30 and woke up at 7:30. Nope. We went back home to chill and for me to nap.

I haven’t spent much time on Facebook for a hot minute. A good thing I’m sure, but I’m falling behind on what’s going on in friends’ lives that I actually want to know about. Need to find a balance.

In a perfect world I would work one more day shift at Fight Club and two less night shifts.

I got home and went to bed at a decent hour. Who knew?


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