I was anxious about today.

Long church day. I am redrawing boundaries, setting healthy goals for myself. A lot of bidness had to get done today, and it was done well. I feel less insecure about the immediate state of things at church. (I never feel secure.)

It was a moving type of day. Constantly moving from one thing to another, very little down time. Not frantic like being bounced around in a pinball machine. More like pool.

Work was whatever, but way better than it had been the previous 2 days. I actually got a head start on some of my work for Monday because it was so slow. Which was great because….


I had to be out of Fight Club by 2 pm to make sure I was home to meet kid getting off the bus. If I wasn’t done I’d have to meet her and bring her back to work while I finished up.

Those of you who know kid, imagine how well that would’ve gone in a place where sharp knives are used.

I made shit happen, cap’n, and was all done and clocked out by 2:01. If I hadn’t done what I did the night before would not have been possible.

I gave kid a bath early hoping it would chill her out. Nope. Not a bit. sigh


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