Another twofer

Monday: no sleep, kid ate the leftover pizza I’d set aside for dinner and gave me a pretty good massage (?) and I still couldn’t sleep.

Someone said “an old Britney Spears song” to me today. I never liked her music but damn I was quick to go BRITNEY SPEARS IS NOT OLD MUSIC.

The generation gap, it is widening by the second.


Sitting in my breakfast spot for the first time in a month, letting an ativan kick in before something I do not want to do but have to.

It was not what I anticipated, and that is a good thing.

Tomorrow I meet Breakfast Buddy, and the world will be well for a little bit.

I just saw an episode of Sofia the First that was an exercise in social cluelessness. Overtones of white saviorism and shitty ally. Seriously, Disney, you can’t coast on getting Episode VII right forever.

Oh, antibiotics. I love your work on my sinuses but what you have caused in other places…uggggh I did not used to have these problems.

Perhaps I will go to bed at a normal time tonight.




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