I hate being told to smile. It’s basically people coming up to you and saying “you should look happy to make me feel better.”

You know what’s awesome? Sharing the love of Hamilton with kids. Saying, “What’s your name, man,” and getting “ALEXANDER HAMILTON” in response. Makes my day.

Today was not as hard as I thought, but some things don’t feel real yet. They will all too soon.

Fight Club was boring and uneventful. I picked up pizza on the way home, which I kinda regret because it was Little Caesar’s. It used to be better (didn’t everything). Now it’s almost cardboard. The crazy bread is good though.

I’ve been spending a lot (too much) time on the Whisper app. I’ve met this kid (ha, he’s 21 and I call him a kid) who’s really awesome to talk to. Like seriously I want to pinch his cheeks and ruffle his hair and tell him to eat his veggies and live his dreams. I don’t know why people disparage internet friendships. If they’re your only connections that’s probably not healthy, and catfishing definitely happens, but I have some internet friendships that have lasted for over 10 years. They are definitely friends, even if the bulk of our interactions are digital, and my life would be empty without them.

And off to bed, a smidge after midnight.


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