Hello sinus infection

When I went to the doctor yesterday I was like my head feels fine how do I have a sinus infection? Today, even after the first antibiotic dose, oh the pressure….

Work, z pack, work. Faster, more intense.

It occurs to me my headache may be in part because I haven’t eaten yet. Don’t want soup, not much else to eat…gotta be something around here.

I’m tired of soup.

Kid was very clingy today. Sweet but wow, hon, mama needs a little space. She really didn’t want to let me go for awhile. She made a fashion show video with one of her stuffed Pokemon toys, asked me to fashion a little dress for it out of a handkerchief. She wants me to put the video on YouTube, as well as a bonus deleted scene.

Fight Club was thankfully uneventful. Apparently no one knew if I was coming in today. Noticed no one was clamoring to be me anyway. I was told I was missed. I’m sure.

I’m so tired, and bed is calling…tomorrow is going to be a hard day.


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