The Crud

Got up at 7, called doctor’s office and got an appointment. Promptly rolled back over and died.

This crap is starting to settle into my lungs and I need good cough syrup to get it out. Still have an inhaler at home. I’ll do anything not to take prednisone. That stuff makes me Satan.

The good news on Fridays is the doctor’s office isn’t as crazy. Most of the doctors are off, most appointments are sick appointments so the main wait is for blood work to see if I’m viral or bacterial. Fluids and rest vs antibiotics and rest.

I’m starving. I didn’t eat this morning.

Waiting, waiting, waiting….

Really I just want to get whatever news I’m getting and move on.

Antibiotic, good cough syrup, and work excuse. Sweeeeet. Dropped it off at work and went home to die (again).

Slept all afternoon, woke up, ate two bowls chicken soup, and after watching much Law and Order soaked in a super hot tub. That was my day. Honestly one of the better ones so far.


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