Let’s try life again


Slept well, feel rested. Taking kid to eat and feed some ducks.

Much better day. The ducks were a bit of a bust – they’ve been well fed with break. But she ran off some energy and we came home and I got a nap (!!!) before going to see a friend. It was a much needed evening of no child and no shenanigans. Her dog loves me. 😀


I seem to fall down on the blogging on Wednesdays. Not sure why.

Kid is coughing and hacking, I feel sluggish and my throat hurts a little from drainage and the fan on me all night. I hope we’re not getting sick.

Kid is watching The Price is Right. Damn Drew Carey got gray.

The longer this day goes on the ickier I feel. Achy, tired, bleh. I hope it’s just from forgetting to take my meds 1am last night.

Nope, cold chills. I’m virulent.

I dragged my sick ass to Fight Club because if I tried to call out it would be “do you have a dr’s note?” but other people can not show up and keep their job. After 2 hours my boss asked me if I wanted to go home. I thought “wow, that’s really cool of you.” Then he followed it up with he could tell I wasn’t feeling it and he needed someone bubbly doing the job.

  1. Raise your hand, people who know me, am I fucking bubbly even when I’m well?

  2. Seriously? Looking like death warmed over is less important than being bubbly? Fuck that.

If I still feel like shit in the morning I’m going to the doctor and if they write me a note I’ll take it over laminated in gold. Don’t even care about the money. That would make me feel awesome.

I hope this is a little virus, not the flu.


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