Spring Break, but not for me

I slept last night. Hallelujah.

Ok day at work. Big boss was there for awhile, always makes everyone grumpy. I could’ve left about 1 but since other people were behind I helped them catch up. As I left a new clusterfuck was brewing. Hallelujah, not my problem. Seriously, if I can ever switch to just my Monday position I will do it. Much more peaceful.

Took kid out to dinner when I got home. She’s so on Spring Break. I’m gonna have to take her somewhere tomorrow to run her batteries down like she’s been burning through her DS charge.

Mom tried to get kid back in her own bed. That went over like a lead balloon.

Now my jaw is acting up again. Damn it. Putting pressure on my right eye and causing a headache.

Tomorrow is another day….

(I hate that movie, fyi)


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