Gonna need a bigger nap

One of the joys of living in my house after the jump.

My dad is a nighttime snacker. Last night he was constantly walking back and forth from his room to the kitchen, passing the couch I sleep on and kept me from sleeping. Like I would be winding down and there’s the sound of his door opening. Then there he is in the kitchen loudly unwrapping something to eat. The kitchen and den are open and attached. There’s nothing to block the sound.

I took kid out today and it ripped my nerves to shreds. She is so hyped up. She’s eating like we never feed her, losing her shit the second she doesn’t get her way. We went to lunch and she knocked over her drink. We went to Costco because I’m considering a membership and she was all over the place. We went to Walmart to get her a new toothbrush and buy The Force Awakens. She sat in the buggy but if I stopped pushing it she would try to make it move by rocking her body back and forth. She wanted ice cream and I said she could get a pint. She didn’t like any of the pints and whined about not getting a bigger size. She finally decided on popsicles. When we got home and put on TFA she started eating popsicles. She ate 5 before I knew it and threw a fit when I said no more. She demanded to have the movie on but barely watched it, tried to skip past the scene (last spoiler free reference). Threw a fit when I told her she couldn’t have her DS right now.

I’m sure there were good moments. She did get my mom to make breakfast for her to serve me in bed. That was sweet. But it went downhill from there. And I’m too tired to handle her lack of chill.

She knocked the box fan over after being told not to touch it 6 million goddamn times in a row and got spanked for it. And now my mom is coddling her, getting her an ice pack and putting lotion on her thigh where I spanked her and kid is making a bigger show for sympathy. When I was a kid and hurting post spanking (and I got spanked with more than hands) all I got was “you shouldn’t have done that.” I’ve never spanked her with anything but my hand. I never wanted to spank, but it is the only thing that makes any sort of impression on her. Positive reinforcement does shit for her.

I just need to go to bed early and not even the rest of today.


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