We can sleep when we’re dead

Something, I don’t know what, triggered a sleepless night.

Stayed up all night, took kid to school, then came home and tried to sleep. It was a restless 3 hour nap, and while I feel drained I’m not falling over. Sure that’ll change tomorrow. That’s why I have



Can’t simplify that last alarm. And I need to set an alarm for this Monday cause I still have to work. I’ll do that later.

Kid is on Spring Break. The Nintendo has been resurrected to buy us all sanity.

My check engine light came on. I wanted to cry. I decided to check my gas cap first.

That would do it

Oops. $13 for a new gas cap. If the light doesn’t turn itself off soon I’ll look up how to reset it.

Turned off on the way home after realizing yes, Virginia, there is a gas cap again! Not going to say all is well because holy shit it’s so not. This piece was a much needed relief.

When I get home I will bake my frozen pizza and some garlic toast. I will eat, then curl up on the bed and let my body decompress. I know I won’t go to sleep early and may be up late again, but there is no alarm tomorrow, and that will make the difference.


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