Slept far too long after dropping kid off. Time to get back on some semblance of routine.

Eating almost an entire pint of Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream for breakfast/lunch isn’t the way to do that.

I’m much more down today than I was the past 2 days. Yeah return to reality is part of it, but there’s more.


Had a…headache? migraine? pain thing? set in about 5:30 yesterday. Went to sleep about 6-6:30. Dad woke me up to get kid ready for bed (I don’t think he knew I went to sleep because of a headache), and once I did that I was back down. Woke up at 5:45 to use the bathroom – still with the headache – and laid back down until time to get kid up for school. Of course she was back with my mother. She said she has to sleep with a “warm, protective grandmother.”

I’ve never had a headache I couldn’t sleep off. In fact the only way I can cope with a migraine is to sleep it off. Took Advil this morning. It’s sort of helping but not. Light is still unpleasant. Meaning the phone is about to be put down (again) for a bit.

Fell back asleep, woke up to realize there’s not much to eat other than the ice cream leftover from yesterday. Oops.

Of course after I eat it I remember some soup in the cabinets bought exactly for this reason. Although I don’t really feel like soup.

I don’t feel like much of anything today. I want to call out of work tonight (as always) but that’s not gonna happen. I try to call out, it’s “no doctor’s note means come in.” But all these other people call out “sick” (with no note) or don’t plain show up and keep their jobs. I wanna be one of those people.

I think my good humour of the past few days has worn off.

People’s Court officially moved to 4 pm, meaning I’ll have to catch up online. At least now I know rather than being confused and frustrated by the onscreen guide.

Spring Break is next week. I’m not going anywhere this weekend. Ok, fat girl will be seen in a restaurant. Other than that, nope. I’d hoped to take kid on a small day trip. Not seeing it happen.

Followed by a Reese's Pieces carrot

If I eat any more sugar I might become Wilford Brimley.


I think I need to channel some A. Burr.


Sometimes (all the time?) driving past work seems like a perfectly acceptable thing.

I wonder if putting “get laid” on my to do list would magically make it happen. Probably not, or in a very disappointing way. Time to read the craigslist personals ads and remind myself what kind of crazy exists and I want none of it.

I cannot quantify the amount of cranky I am. I’m actually going to pick kid up from school early tomorrow to spare everyone from her desire to April Fool the world. She was like, “I’ll only take one whoopie cushion to school.” I told her she’d take none. I don’t think she has one but who knows.

Bought more frozen pizza and chicken nacho things, decided on chicken nacho things for dinner. The over seasoning is easily quelled with salsa verde.

Fun Fact: when I quit smoking, I couldn’t eat anything spicy for at least a year. My spice/heat tolerance is sort of back to smoky time levels. Some days are better than others.

I don’t want to do tomorrow.


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