Day two of chill

Wonderful, beautiful, glorious sleep and bonus morning nap.

Kid slept in her own bed last night. I let her go to sleep with me, got up and let her sleep alone for a bit, then carried her to her bed. Stayed there all night.

Another day of chill. Much needed.

I’m inching closer to more big decisions. My gut instinct leaned a certain way, but I thought I’d wait to see if anything would change it. So far, no.

Sleepier today. All that kitty and socializing time must’ve worn me out.

Kid begged for Olive Garden again. Said no yesterday, caved today. It’s rare for her to want spaghetti and meatballs. I only ate half my dinner. Very unlike me. At least I have leftovers. They had that buy one/take one deal going but I turned it down. None of the take homes had meat or breadsticks and it they were made fresh and brought out chilled. Meaning they’ve made up a bunch of them and are just pulling them out of the fridge when people pick one. Only way it can work, really. I didn’t think it was worth an extra $3 for a small box of noodles and sauce. What I ordered, however, was worth not dirtying up my own dishes. Stuffed pasta smothered in cheese and sauce.

I’ve so enjoyed this parent-free time. It comes to an end tomorrow. Le sigh.

Got kid back in her bed again tonight. My mom will be so jealous.

Kid and I do a lot better when my parents aren’t here. In a perfect world this means I would move out. This is not a perfect world, and kid would never forgive me. It really does take the 3 of us to handle her. With them watching her moving out would be a bigger headache.

Last night in a bed for a bit. When I have my own again, I won’t be taking it for granted.


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