I should know by now

Posting about going to bed early means it won’t happen. I wasn’t up super late, though.

Got kid off to school before parents left to avoid any drama. Ran up to civilisation to grab some easy to fix lunch and laundry detergent. Naturally the one kind I can use without breaking out in rashes was on the top shelf.

Grabbed myself a latte, too. Mmmm, bad sugary coffee.

Watched cartoons, took 2 naps.

Much chill

The channel guide says People’s Court. But People’s Court is not on. I ask for so little, TV. Sticking to your own schedule is pretty basic. I don’t want to watch a talk show that’s a compilation of other talk shows.

Kid will be getting home from school doom soon (I swear autocorrect did that). I hope she wasn’t a complete terror post Easter. I emailed the appropriate people that I want her to go to the new school next year. Haven’t heard back from them yet, but it’s Monday and there’s no hurry yet.

Went over to a friend’s place for a bit this evening. Her kids like my kid enough and they have a mama cat and 3 kittens. I was in heaven. At one point the kittens were curled up sleeping in heap and it was all I could do not to slip them in my purse and claim they followed me home when my parents got back. I cuddled the mama and the babies and was covered in cat hair. It was good therapy. Taught the younger girl a flute lesson. I keep forgetting how green she is. When I was at her flute age I’d skipped ahead in the book and was all up in my fingering chart learning notes we weren’t covering yet. I want to say I’d learned all 3 octaves by the end of the first year but might be misremembering. Don’t want to claim too much. But I’m sure the class knew 2, maybe 3, scales by the end of the year, and she doesn’t know one. She’s also starting in 5th as opposed to 6th grade, so maybe they’re not pushing them as hard. In any case, she’s her and not me and I have to remember not to get ahead of myself with her. I only teach her periodically so I forget. Maybe I should trade lessons for cat visitation. Although after both half hour lessons I’ve taught her she’s said how tired I’ve made her. Heh heh heh…she has no idea how tired she’d be if I taught her once a week.

Today was the best day I’ve had in awhile. I am grateful for that. Few things could’ve made it better. Cherry on the sundae.

Aww, I missed classic Simpsons. Not the end of the world.

Kid wouldn’t go to bed on her own, but I did get her to her own bed once she fell asleep. She came in with me at 9, laid down, and when I tried to tell her good night she said, “Let’s not talk,” and rolled over and went to sleep.

Someday, if she’s in a spend the night relationship, I want to ask her partner if she still does this type of stuff.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to be in a bed instead of on a couch for a change.


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