Hoppy Easter

I have no idea what time kid’s shriek awakened me. I heard happiness and got hugs and kisses and rolled back over to sleep.

Mom said that time was 2 am. Oy. By 8:15 when I got up she’d eaten her chocolate bunny down to the feet. May those of us in charge of her today be shown great mercy.

Egg hunt at church. Christ. On. A. Pogo. Stick. All the kids were up to 11. The older ones were crazier than the little ones. You’d think they never saw candy before. We said “go” and it was like we’d opened the bull gates in Pamplona.

Kids = bulls, people = anyone remotely near an egg

I feel so betrayed every time I open a bag of Skittles and remember green is no longer lime flavored. Fuck your green apple deception.

Caught kid trying to watch Uncle Grandpa on Netflix while I took a nap. That conniving little….

Fight Club was a waste of my time tonight. Thank you, niece’s school district, for having your Spring Break this week so my parents would go see her and I would need off tomorrow in case shenanigans happened with kid.

I’m at a crossroads on a set of decisions and don’t know what to make of it. Which means I should leave them alone for now.

I have decided to move kid to the other school. She and I talked about it this weekend. I told her to make good memories with people at her school now, and she’ll make new friends at the new school next year. It will be better for her, I know. I wish I didn’t have to make this decision at all. No, I shouldn’t see it that way. But I do.

I’m so hungry. Didn’t pick anything up tonight. Regretting that now. I don’t want a chicken patty sandwich and hash browns. I wouldn’t mind more of those chicken nacho quesadilla things I had last night. I stopped at Walgreens looking for a specific medicine (they didn’t have it) and I wound up leaving and heading straight home. Good going, me.

Some time while I have the house to myself these next couple days I’m watching The Force Awakens in total uninterrupted peace. It will be glorious.

Time to celebrate getting out early with bedtime. I hope.


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