I considered getting up

Quickly decided no. Again, does no one sleep in anymore? Kid tried to get me up at 7:30. No. Can’t wait to see how early she gets up for Easter Sunday.

I should be saying how great I’ll look in my new dress tomorrow and grumbling about having to shave my legs for it. But I never got a new dress because it became unimportant for me to want one. My caring level is practically at zero.

I’ve decided I don’t want to have a job that carries direct power over others with it again. Besides the fact I think I usually screw up whatever I put my hand to, I’m seeing more and more in life those jobs do one of 2 things. They’re either filled by people who disrespect others with the power given to them by the position or eat up people trying to do the right and ethical thing by those they are over. I think I said that right. And I hear you going, “But if people who will treat those ‘under’ them well don’t take those positions, how will it ever change?”

The problem, my dear, is systems of power and oppression can only be changed from within by those with power in the existing system. To gain power in the existing system, you have to play by the existing rules and gain approval from those currently in power. This means you will have to participate in the oppression of others in order to gain power and influence to dismantle the system. This can exist on both macro- or microscales. There are articles about how Zootopia actually does a really good job of examining this as it relates to police departments. On a microscale while it is easier to deprive a specific person or single organization of their power over you, the impact of doing so is certainly more personal. And in both cases people who are either in the system or benefit from often don’t see what they’re doing as oppression.

Night #2 of getting my ass kicked at Fight Club. This time it happened at the beginning of the shift. At least this time I scampered out much earlier.

I’m hungry and I can’t not eat dinner again tonight. I foresee being sour stomached in the morning. Stopped at the little Walmart on the way home for something quick and easy to eat. Frozen nacho quesadilla things, interesting.

Killing Jesus Special on Fox News. I can't make this shit up

As a prelude to the O’Reilly Factor. Double ick.

The Easter Bunny went too far

But this may be the last year of Easter Bunny magic. She’s getting older. Might as well make it count while it still does.

Moment of overshare (just a little): I don’t think I’ve ever been in love romantically. Been in lust plenty of times, but love I’m not so sure. Don’t know why I’m having this thought.

Ok let’s see how good/bad these chicken nacho quesadilla things are.

Had better, had worse. Little too much taco seasoning. After eating them all plain too much. I like spice but a little taco seasoning goes a very long way. It should be used sparingly.

Confidential to someone I’m not sure reads this blog:

If they see it, they'll get it

I’d hoped to get this done before midnight. Nope.

Guess I need to get my rest. A wild kid will disrupt my sleep bright and early.


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