Life doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints

Toured the new school today.

It produced a lot more feels than I expected.

It’s a much bigger school overall. Kid would likely start out the majority of the day in a self contained classroom. I got to see it, talk to the teacher. She says she has plenty of experience with honey badgers. It’s one teacher and two aides (I was told backwards before). There are currently 12 kids in the program, but there were only 7 in the class when I went. One was out and the others spend more of their day mainstreamed into a typical classroom. They have a turtle for a class pet (kid would love that), the fluorescent lights are covered to make them softer, there’s a sensory corner.

The occupational therapy room is more like the hospital’s OT gym. Smaller, not as much equipment. It’s both an OT room and sensory break room. They have a swing, scooterboards, therapy balls, I saw balls for a ball pit but no pit. Just as well. The speech therapy room is connected and sometimes they have combined speech/OT sessions. The behavioral therapist wasn’t in so I didn’t get to meet her. Her room is very close to the self contained class, and it’s close to the 3rd grade hall. Didn’t meet the 3rd grade teachers. Not necessary at this point

Met the principal, spoke with her briefly. She has a PhD. Not that you need one to be a principal (I would argue the less time spent in education departments the better :-P). Should’ve asked her what it was in. Curious now.

It seems like a better environment for kid, it really does. But my heart hurts so bad. She should be able to just go to school. This is not at all what I envisioned for my baby. I am angry(-ier) with myself for not putting her together right. It’s a long festering wound I should probably seek professional help for, but that’s money and coverage I don’t have. I would do anything to lift her burdens, to make her better.

Oh yeah, she’d ride a special education bus home. First person to make a short bus “joke” in my presence gets punched in the mouth.

Went Easter bunny shopping. No basket needed this year, just toys and candy. Way too much in toys. Got her some Pokemon cards, a Pokemon plush, a small stuffed dog, and a big floppy eared bunny. I told mom to tell kid Saturday night to set out her Easter basket before bed for the Easter Bunny to fill.

I usually like Easter. Not this year.

Just ate half a container of chocolate caramel gelato. It was much wanted and needed.

Shove it, Facebook


Dare I nap, because I fear sleeping too much. But I don’t want to do anything else right now. I’ve eaten breakfast, gelato, and more ranch Bugles. I have clothes in the wash. On second thought a nap sounds good.

It was nice. Too short.

Random knowledge: when you accidentally wash a pill box, the contents don’t survive. Oops. There went two emergency nerve pills. Of course even if they made it out I wouldn’t have taken them after being mixed with laundry detergent. Wonder if the clothes from this load will dose me through osmosis. That would be convenient. The dosage to cloth ratio, however, doesn’t support that.

Kid actually had a really good day today. Didn’t get in trouble and did most of her work and was named class leader of the week. Yesterday she had a fit because the desks got rearranged, and once it was over she apologized to the class and said she liked her new spot. So she was named a leader for showing respect by acknowledging her mistake and apologizing. I know adults who won’t do that.

Haha, I know some of you are thinking I should look in a mirror. I acknowledge my mistakes…eventually.

Tried to con my way out of Fight Club. Was rebuffed. Le sigh. It’s Scrub Night, which means I have to be there to keep an eye on them.

Kids today don’t know the pain of someone bringing in a movie for the class to watch on Friday, and their copy was Betamax and the school only had VHS. Although I guess DVD vs Blu-Ray would be equivalent.

I will maintain until my dying day while the mistakes we make in life sure AF count, how we attempt to resolve them can make the difference between a willingness to forgive and a hale and hearty fuck off.

Breakfast Buddy, if you’re reading this it’s not that I didn’t want to have breakfast with you this week. It’s that I had something to do every. single. morning and I need too bad to come straight back home and chill Friday. We will breakfast again soon. Still love you.

Da da da da da, Dat da da da da da da

I bought frozen pizza, baked it, and now I feel too lazy to cut it and eat it. I have reached a new low.


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