Self care above all

So when I woke up at 11 last night I stayed up until…I don’t know…5? 5:30?

Got a brief nap until it was time to get kid ready for school. Helped a mature friend learn Instagram so she could use it for an upcoming festival. This is the second time I’ve helped her with social media. Bless her, she really does try. I know I will be her one day, grumbling “You know what kind of computers were in my last elementary school? Tandys. I had an Apple IIc when I was five. My first cell phone with internet was a monochrome screen text only interface. My first smartphone ran Android Gingerbread and had a 2×3 inch screen. I understand computers and social media and THIS MAKES NO SENSE.”

She however would never grumble her equivalent of that. She is a pleasant cheerful person. I’m a grumpy chronically embittered asshole.

I’m taking today as a self care day. I’m putting my phone on blocking mode, refusing to check email, not answering calls or most texts. If there is more craziness en route I am willingly ignoring it today. My sanity is more important. It is finite and scarce.

Took a needed nap, saw a newer Law and Order with Adam Driver as a suspected murderer – unfortunately I fell asleep before finding out if he was the red herring or practicing for his future as Kylo Ren. has awesome Hamilton stickers. Small ones are 50% off when you order 6. After the discount my cart was still at $25. No purchase made.

But look how awesome these would be! And there’s more of them!

ahem The Blu-Ray release of The Force Awakens got leaked onto all the torrent sites. That’s all I’m sayin’.


I need to buy kid’s Easter basket stuff tomorrow. She asked for a bunny today. She asked dad again, he said no again, and she followed up with, “So that’s a maybe, right?” Poor thing. She wants a pet bad.

I’m so tired. That wonky sleep pattern I had last night and today didn’t work out well. I’ll give it a few minutes before turning in.

My legs are burning like hell from two days in that other shift at Fight Club. See? See? Knew something would pop up and make me slow my roll in that area.

Yes, sleep calls me. After I take the last pill of the day.


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