A glimpse of sanity? What?

Getting into the routine of Mondays at Fight Club. Worked with my favorite manager today. I think this is the fourth time we’ve worked together. I’d have to think about it. Not in the mood for thinking.

Tried to ask kid what she wanted for dinner. She said she wants a dog. Poor thing, she really does want a pet badly. Parents (dad) say no. Granted I’d rather have a cat again. I so miss having one. Wait, I have a friend whose cat has kittens and her kids like to play with my ball of rampaging energy. Why am I not over there right now covered in cats?

Got clearance to go on kid’s field trip in May. I sent a note to her teacher that started, “We all know I need to come on this field trip.” I’m sure she breathed a sigh of relief.

I just realized I’m raising a child who is a combination of Calvin and Bart Simpson. No wonder I’m losing my mind.

I want to go to bed now. It’s far too early. The urge to close my eyes…no don’t do it…watch classic Simpsons and decompress.

Kid, who’s been in speech therapy since she was 2, rapped My Shot today and did a pretty good job. So proud of her, especially because she was so enthusiastic about it.

Must not go to sleep yet. Must stay awake a bit longer.

Kid was is sooooo hyper before bed. Time for a blow dart. Maybe I should’ve gone to sleep earlier.

I am so hesitant to say this…I think, maybe, it was a not bad day.

I’m hesitant to use that “g” word just yet.


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