I was hopeful today would be the day things got better

I was wrong.

Very wrong.

Worse, I had false hope.

I don’t even know what is going on anymore, who to trust. I know who I want to believe. But I’m so confused and upset and turned upside down I can’t deal with the cognitive dissonance of the situation.

I took 2 anti phallic panic attack pills (I could use a good phallic attack…) and was still half manic for several hours. Felt like there was a rock in the pit of my stomach for several hours, my neck was in knots, felt like my left eye was about to pop out of my face from sinus pressure. Mega dose of Advil helped the neck and sinus pressure. Chocolate milk helped the knot in my stomach. FYI the only true chocolate milk is whole chocolate milk. Anything else is chocolate water.

Why is there a toy dog that takes toy poops? That’s just weird.

Some of my friends are getting a workout on the Support Laura front. Maybe I should get them merit badges.

I think all the nerve pills kicked in at once. While I’m chilling here watching SpongeBob. Closest I’ll get to the true stoner experience. Pot makes me sick.

If today wasn’t rock bottom I don’t want to face tomorrow.

I’ll continue to blog, but I’ll be in my isolation chamber for awhile.

At least I have flip flops

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