The new Monday

Mondays are so different now. Working the new position at Fight Club is a much needed thing. It’s weird to go in at 8 am and finish your list and realize it’s 4 pm with zero awareness of the passage of time. No clocks other than my cell, and I don’t look at it much on that shift.

Kid and I went out to dinner tonight because I was STARVING. We sat down at the restaurant and seated across from us was my ex best friend. Or as Sue referred to him when I told her (on the way home in the car) my Former BFF. She never met him. Our ending, a rather ugly one, happened before she was born. I don’t know why I even told her. I didn’t acknowledge him but I didn’t sit turned in the corner openly avoiding him, either. I focused on my kid, the fabulous kid he passed up the chance to meet, who I love with my whole heart even when I want to give her away.

Nothing happened, which is at it should be. But I was unprepared for it and with all the bombs weathered over the past few days…I don’t know. Did I even want him to say hi? What would we have talked about if he did approach me? The last time we attempted to talk (via email) nothing came of it. It would have been more uncomfortable than sitting 10 feet away pretending the other wasn’t there.

Sometimes that’s life.

Got home to no power. I have cell phone and internet so I’m set. Kid is terrified of power outages at night. She’s curled up with my mom asking when the power will be back on every 10 seconds.

I’m so sleepy, and the storm pouring outside is magnifying that. No power means no fans, and the air is super still in here. Meaning I am not comfortable enough to sleep. Or I shouldn’t be.

Think I’ll plug the phone up for when the power comes back on. Set the alarm in the tablet as a backup. Go the fuck to sleep. Yeah, the sleepy storm is winning.


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