Kid told me today was to chillax. Where the hell does she get this stuff?

Had a therapeutic conversation with a friend last night. Stayed up too late but the decompression was much needed.

Kid wants me to take her to lunch. I still have half a pizza. Guess I’ll save it for after work dinner tonight. I feel the need to pay extra attention to her before I decide to completely upend her life.

Saw a post on Instagram of a flash sale on adult and kid shorts. Lunch is turning into lunch and shopping. With Grammy. :-\ Kid wanted her along.

Flash sale was a bust. Kid ran off; line was wrapped around the back of the store. Wasn’t worth it a bit. Nap time. Nap nap nap nap nap.

It’s 80°F. I’m not ready for it to be this hot so quick. My internal thermostat is too high already.

I cannot begin to describe the dysfunction Fight Club was tonight. It wouldn’t make sense to 90% of the people reading. In summary, I can’t handle stupid people and I am not allowed to go to work without emergency crazy pills again. The fact I didn’t chew someone up and spit them out is amazing.

And I fell asleep mid conversation with someone and before I finished my blog. Yup, I was done.


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