I may not live to see our glory

Still not alive

I hate this sickness.

2 hour meeting at school about kid. That is never good. I have big decisions to make regarding kid. And I’m going to make them without my parents’ input. They’ve concern trolled me to pieces over the broader subject. They get told after the fact.

I have earned pizza. She has not so much earned pizza, but I got it to save myself a headache from her whining and crying about not having pizza.

Slept all afternoon again. Wouldn’t have even gotten up if I hadn’t had the meeting. I should probably go to the doctor tomorrow. That requires getting up.

Or I can try to meet friend for breakfast. I like that better. At this point the doctor is useless. I have no fever, my sore throat is due to drainage and clears up quick when I suck a cough drop or take medicine that stops the drainage. My ears hurt off and on, but again linked to the drainage. So long as it stays out of my lungs I don’t see the need to go. And hallelujah it’s stayed out of my lungs.

I’m doped AF. Maybe I’ll get better rest this evening.

Just because: cut rap from Hamilton. Really hate it got cut. It’s so brilliant.


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