Not alive yet, either

It was midnight before I was able to go down. I was that charged up. So my goal today is rest so I can get better instead of pushing myself to the breaking point.

There’s a rerun of In Living Color on. I forgot how cutting their comedy was. Most of the sketches are still relevant today. Oh yes, Jim Carrey (then James Carrey) in his early days.

Thing that Should Be: an app for smart tvs and/or remote app that automatically changes the channel for you based on programming. Like you say you want to watch channel 70 for an hour, flip to channel 200 for two hours, then flip to channel 143. You’d program your line up then the TV or remote app does all the changing for you on schedule. Is this possible? Do I just watch too much TV during my downtime?

I’m dying. This virus is kicking my ass. I dug out my good cough syrup and inhaler. My throat hurts now from all the drainage. Somebody kill me please.

Slept most of the day and afternoon. By slept I mean woke up every half hour to hour. Got chills at one point and boiled myself in the tub. That sorta helped. I haven’t had fever but I’ll get hot under a blanket sometimes. I have about a dose and a half of good syrup left. First I’m going to eat a bowl of chicken dumpling soup, then I’m gonna down it and sleep.

Or I’m gonna get hungrier and want more food. Even sick I’m a fat girl.

More food eaten, sleep timer set on the TV. Inhaler inhaled, cough syrup taken (double dose, ahhhh) one tablet of Nyquil taken. I hope deep sleep is in my immediate future.


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