I’m not dead yet

Maybe. Not entirely sure.

Kid argued and argued and argued over going back to school today. I emailed her teacher to warn her a feral(er) child would be in her class today.

I couldn’t sleep last night. The cold meds had me jacked up and I was afraid to take anything for sleep so I wouldn’t oversleep this morning…I will NOT have that problem tonight. I might go to bed at 6:30-7.

Had to leave my shift – with boss’s ok – before I was done. I felt like I was so slow at the work, but then I remembered my trainer didn’t come in until an hour after I did so I was an hour behind to begin with.

My kid…she just made me cry. I told her I hoped she does better at adulting than I have. She hugged me and said, “You’ve done a great job. I forgive you.”

Oh, kid, I have so not done a good job. Not even with you. But I love you and I wish I was the good mom you I think I am.

Yeah once kid is fed and bathed I’m calling an early bedtime. Not 6:30; too early. Everyone would make too much noise and keep me from sleeping just like they did when I tried to close my eyes and chill between 4-5. But definitely 7-7:30. All the meds.

Hi, classic Simpsons. Will you coax me to sleep? I bet you will. Or your brilliance will keep me up despite myself. Damn it.

Oh my gawwwwwwwwd I can’t go down. Also, Lisa showed Bart how to use a card catalogue. The old school drawer ones. Wowwwwwww how long since I’ve seen one of those.


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