I’m gonna stay…right here…

And I’m spent just by running up to Walmart. Even worse, there were Girl Scouts and I had no cash.

I pulled pork to thaw for chili making so I could get it made before work. It’s still frozen. I’ll have to make it after work, which is what I was hoping to avoid. So at least I can get the peppers and bread done.

My throat hurts a little from drainage. Looks like I picked up what the kid had. I say had because she claims she’s healthy enough to eat at a restaurant twice. Not happening. I have pretty much zero energy and we’re not going anywhere.

I ate my leftover pizza from last night (cold pizza, yum) and I want more food. Kid says she’s hungry but won’t give me a clue other than “restaurant food” – again not happening.

Bread is done, peppers are roasted and chilling. I did it differently this time. Instead of roasting them whole and peeling then slicing, I sliced then roasted them in olive oil and peeled them. I think I’ll stick with the other way. Peeling them was a pain in the ass this way. Most of the time I’m ok with an electric range, but when I roast peppers I really wish I had a gas range for the flame.

Nap time calls.

There are few things more irritating than being stuck in a drive thru line that’s not moving. Especially when the hold up is someone who has no idea what they want. And/or a car full of people making complicated orders.

15 minutes. I should’ve parked and gone inside. By the time I realized I was committed to drive thru.

Did you ever walk into your own Fight Club and get the vague feeling, even though all is well, shit is about to hit the fan in a big nasty way?

I was talking one of the younger ones out of walking out. At least finish the shift and quit. Don’t be like the assholes we’ve had to clean up after again and again and again.

The burnt out feeling behind my eyes and sore throat says the kid gave me her germs. Love you, too, child.

Oh god my sinuses can’t decide whether to drain or clog. I’m sleeping with a damp warm cloth on my face. Oy.


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