Sleepy Friday

Kid woke up at 6:15 but chilled with mom. She barely has a fever and her cough is getting more productive.

Not feeling very energetic even though I slept well last night. The dreams are less weird and more logical. Dreamed I had a 3 am conversation with a friend via a messaging app they don’t possess. The conversation made total sense for us. I remember a dream within a dream moment looking back over the conversation and thinking, “wow, I do not remember doing this.”

I feel more rest on the horizon.

What’s Opera Doc? Yaaaaaaaaas.

Kill the Waaaaaabit

Naptime feels right. Never did take one earlier. And someone did laundry for me! How nice. Unsure why.

Still no nap. Kid wanted a piano lesson. She was attentive for all of 10 minutes. Not bad for her.

Limited nap achieved. Got ready for work in a rush. Got to Fight Club and there was a hue and cry over people actually having to do their jobs. Tear.

Work was meh. I forgot to pick up the chili peppers I needed. I have to make a batch of chili for someone tomorrow. And two loaves of bread. Crap I’ll have to get up and go to Walmart for peppers. They said they wanted it milder, so I’ll skip the jalapenos and grab some canned peppers. And cheese. I need cheese. But I’ll let them add it since once you add it on and cool it you’re committed to eating the whole batch.

Finished the Hamilton soundtrack. The first act is easier for me to get into without the visuals. There’s a lot good in the second act but it’s harder for me to get into. Maybe the more I listen to it it’ll grow on me. Even if it doesn’t I’ll enjoy the first act for a long time to come. I’d love to see a production but 1. Haha, like I could make it to New York, and 2. HAHAHA like I could get a ticket without entering the lottery. That show is sold it I think for the remainder of its run.

Ok, time to turn in so I can get up early enough to get the chili ingredients and have it and the bread made before work.


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