And some days you gotta say “whoa”

Like when your body demands you to go back to sleep after a particularly rough morning with kid. Oh, the arguing and bargaining and just plain pig headedness

Weird dreams again this morning. It’ll be awhile before they chill. Patience, patience. It’s all a matter of time.

Kid sent home sick with a fever. She’s very much herself, so it’ll probably pass quick. She can’t go to school tomorrow. Has to be fever free for 24 hours. Easier to skate on that when she gets sick over the weekend. Not so much when the school nurse sends her home.

Ok the world is ending. I am agreeing with Mitt Romney, Nikki Haley, and Ben Stein. What. the. fuck. How has it gotten so bad both the GOP establishment and half the Tea Party are speaking out against Trump. WOW.

I walked into a subdued clusterfuck at Fight Club. Luckily it died down and the evening was not a major headache.

Upside to kid being out of school tomorrow: alarms off. However I have to pick up a scrip tomorrow and need to work on things I didn’t get done today. And watch this kid wake up bright and early with pep in her step.

I ordered a plain fried chicken with cheese and bacon. I got a grilled chicken sandwich with cheese, bacon, and lettuce. Luckily it was a sad scraggly single piece of lettuce easily removed. Should’ve checked the bag before I drove off. sigh And yes I do support paying fast food – food service I general – workers more because doing that job well truly is a learned skill. I’ve known many people who are smart and capable but can’t do that. It’s overwhelming and you have to multitask and prioritize like a motherfucker and be polite but follow the company’s penny pinching customer enraging policies at the same time without punching anyone in the face or cussing them out.

I should go to bed early. I really should.

I think I will. Especially since my mom sad she’d get my scrip for me. Wait, shit, I need $20 to give to my sister. Maybe I can borrow it from my dad and pay him back.

Bed. Sleep. Tired.


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