Seriously, how people gonna pick Drumpf?

I need people to go back to US history. Actually, no, because they learned a bunch of bullshit from bad history teachers.


  1. If you’re not a land owning white male the majority of the Founding Fathers gave zero fucks about you.

  2. You notice there was a nice gap between the end of the Revolutionary War and George Washington’s first term. Before the Constitution came the Articles of Confederation. Weak central government, stronger state government. Each state had their own currency. It ended because it wasn’t working out. Constitutional Convention, lots of arguing, finally settling on strong federal powers in part because they realized they didn’t want to go through that all. over. again.

  3. Speaking of Confederation: I DON’T CARE WHAT YOUR TEACHER SAID – THE CIVIL WAR WAS TOTALLY ABOUT SLAVERY. IT WAS ABOUT SLAVERY AS AN ECONOMIC ISSUE, NOT A MORAL ONE. If it was solely states’ rights, the Confederacy would have left slavery as an issue for member states to decide. Instead they made allowing slavery a condition of membership. Meaning no Confederate state had the right to abolish slavery. Tell me that doesn’t make slavery a central issue. TELL ME WITH A STRAIGHT FACE.

  4. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is the Declaration of Independence – not the Constitution.

  5. Google a copy of the Constitution. Press control-F, search for “god.” Please notice the 0 of 0 results. Same for “Christian.”

On the way home I noticed one of the houses that normally flies a US flag over a Confederate flag is now flying an SC secessionist flag instead of the US flag. Peace, buddy. Up and move. Take Drumpf with you. You guys can go off and be idiots together in a totally different place.

Mom and sister are who knows where. Must be nice to visit periodically with your mother and enjoy it instead of having her constantly trampling your boundaries at every turn.

Like most Fox News headlines, this statement is bullshit

I miss my daily chats with a friend who was really good at both helping me through this stuff and distracting me from it. Sadly they’ve fallen into their own black hole of responsibility. Adulting sucks. Big time.


I hate the ads for so many reasons, #1 being the old guy patronizing every woman he encounters. Like your grandfather who hasn’t “gone courting” since 1947 giving you dating advice.

Hell naw

I’m hungry. I don’t want anything here but leaving involves getting ready and clothes and I’m in my comfy ass new pajama pants. I could make myself something to eat from the mountain of ingredients in the kitchen. That would be smrt.

But the kitchen is not where the couch is...

Watching a program on mass extinction. There was a click bait headline about the possibility of the 6th mass extinction being underway. With Drumpf winning primaries I have to seriously question if the end of the world is nigh. Will I be one of those fleeing to Canada if he wins? I wish. I’d have to get there first. And it snows up there all winter. I don’t know if I can handle that. I’m Southern born, Southern bred, and Northern minded, but someone would have to teach me what to do when it snows besides buy bread and milk.

Entire Hamilton album downloaded and playlisted in order. I feel way more productive than I’ve actually been. I’ve listened to the entire first act. This weekend is the second act.

Come to me, sleep. Come, and leave the crazy dreams behind.


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