The cold light of day

Waking up depressed is a less than fun experience. Weird dreams again last night, which fueled the depression.

Kid begged to go out to lunch. Took her to McDonald’s. My bank account says I need to chill out. My breakfast spot will probably have to go for a bit. At least until I get this other shift my boss says he’s willing to give me and my paychecks get a little better.

I’m gonna miss my bacon, hash browns, and English muffin prepared for me by someone else.

Today’s comfort junk food: steakhouse Funyuns. Supposed to taste like a Bloomin Onion. I would say it’s just a hotter Funyun. Still good. Worth eating straight out of the bag. Which I am doing.

Today feels like a good day to walk out of Fight Club, get in the car, and drive off to a new life.

The entire night of Fight Club bore that feeling out. It’s 11:30. I left there at 11:15, took a 10 minute detour because I was stuck behind a moped on a 2 lane road, and I am only halfway home.

I’ve been disappointed on multiple fronts today, the final being a broken wish. I’m exhausted and cranky and tired and I just want to stay home and sleep tomorrow. But I can’t.

I need a time out.


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