The day before Valentine’s

Awoken “early” (by my standards) by my little valentine. We’re doing a Mama/Kid Valentine lunch today since church and Fight Club has me going full throttle tomorrow.”

I feel bad. I bought her a Valentine’s card and we left it at the restaurant. Didn’t realize it until we got home. :-\ She really liked it, too, because it was a pun. She loves puns. I also got her a cheap fleece blanket with hearts on it. She asked me to wrap her up in my love, and I did. Sometimes I love her so much my heart wants to burst.

And then she almost hit me in the face with a sticky cupid’s arrow. Love you, too, kid.

I got a REAL nap. Oh my goodness that was a slice of joy. And then someone took time out of their day to say hi to me and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Found a recording of a piece I played in high school a couple of times. I thought I was unaware, but really just forgot, it had a male choral part to it.

The college memories triggered of Delta Omicron/Phi Mu Alpha formals and college days…bittersweet. I had a really rough time in college. I’m surprised I still have friends from that time in my life.

I hooked up with Diet Coke again today. Shameful.

Fight Club took a bite out of me tonight. Simply a warm up for tomorrow. At one point I looked at the manager and asked if I could eat one of the new people. She said not until after the weekend. After this shift I don’t think I can promise that.

Came home to a hot mess of popcorn and Nerds in the den…I’m not vacuuming at midnight. It would serve the kid right to get woken up, but that will just make my life more miserable in the morning.

I think Diet Coke and I will have one last fling tomorrow, then I’ll go back to coffee Monday like nothing happened.


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