We begin anew

Advil PM + usual dosage of nerve pill = banishment of migraine that set in at 7 and a restful night’s sleep. I did not realize the full depths of yesterday’s brain fog. Forecast is still hazy but clearer. Downgraded from London fog to “can’t see if I turn on the high beams shiiiiit I hope the deer aren’t out, fucking oversized varmints.”


I used to like deer, or at least feel sympathetic to Bambi. Now I’m all “shoot the fucker before he runs into my car.”

Finally cancelled my gym membership today, therefore upholding my one and only New Year’s resolution. Yeah it was just $10/month, but I was never using it. That’s money that can be put toward the increased Netflix bill. My sister paid for her share all at once so of course that money’s long gone. The joy of recurring monthly subscriptions.

Patience is a virtue, and while I rarely possess it I was very lucky to have some where the replacement speaker was concerned. Rather than immediately exchanging for a replacement or buying one yesterday, I was able to snatch up an Amazon Prime Lightening Deal and get a $90 waterproof/dust proof highly rated speaker for $43. Score. I didn’t pay attention to the color, though. I usually don’t, but I hope it’s not a neon nightmare. Probably isn’t.

Yay, black and chrome looking. I can live with that.

Not ugly neon

Started a Windows upgrade on a church computer and now realize I may not have time to see it all the way through. This might be a problem…shit. Maybe it will only take a couple of hours as opposed to several. At worst I run home, pick up the kid, take her to grab Valentines, and have her do homework and fill out her Valentines for the class while I finish this upgrade. Now to see if I can slip my church keys off the flash drive without fucking up the install…seems like I was successful. So long as I have those keys Plan B will work.

Yay my new speaker will be here Thursday! I don’t really care if it comes before work or not because I’m going to be smart and stick it on the charger before I dream of heading out with it. Reviews look good (I quadruple checked), can’t get a solid bead on battery life but that always depends on how you connect and how loud you crank the volume. Bluetooth or NFC + top volume = fast battery drain. Aux cable + medium volume = decent life.

This upgrade appears to be going at a speed that will finished by the time I absolutely have to leave. I could be doing something instead of blogging. Working on a lesson, more Fire Stick wrangling, seeing how much of the leftover Easter candy is what I like (too much, and yet not enough). I guess I should be happy I’m not flushing time down Facebook. I’ve found in life it is extremely hard for me to accomplish things without a metaphorical gun to my head, be it a deadline or my mother’s interference. Actually mom’s interference makes me ignore whatever she’s requesting. Reason #89620839876958 my mom and I would get along better if we didn’t live together. I mean we’re not at each other’s throats all the time; more of our constant coexistence occasionally manifests in a major eruption of nastiness.

Herpes. My mom and I are like the entire family of herpes viruses.

I opened Candy Crush Soda, thought of something productice I could do and mentally said, “Okay, do that after this game.” Of course now I have totally forgotten what that thing was. Then I remembered it – and something else – and they took all of 2 minutes.

43% on the last step at 12:45…please please please go faster and work. Yeah I can afford to miss People’s Court but that’s my calm down time. At least so long as I don’t get any school calls in that time.

72% at 1:04…oy….

Well it finished at 1:14…almost. It’s repairing some thing I don’t completely understand.

Final reboot 1:21. Fingers crossed….



Now I get to do this to again on a different computer. Eventually.

No calls from the school today. Could be a note on the way home.

No notes worth stressing over.

Went out with child to get her Valentines and meet a friend for dinner. All through Walmart, “Mama, can I have just one thing? This toy, that toy, this one, that one. PLEASE????” Like that was happening after another trip to the office.

Dinner with friend went great. She had good news and we talked about it as best we could over kid being kid. She was bouncing up and down in the booth like she didn’t know any better and shook her cup to ask for a refill. I taught that child way better.


Christ another migraine setting in. This is bad news. I hope this isn’t a new recurring thing.

That’s it. All the meds, all the pills. Induce another coma.


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