Early morning

Kid decided to tell me good morning…by screaming it in my face while I was asleep. Love you too, child. Got some more sleep then chilled out while she watched cartoons. A Pokemon movie came on. She’s happy.

Goddamn it if she puts her freezing cold feet on me one more time…

Just had Google-nesia five times in a row. What the fuck was I going to look up? Argh.

Had a good lunch out with kid, only I’m starting to worry about my brain. I meant to order shrimp tacos and ordered fish. That’s the second time I’ve done that but I caught myself the first time. I know I’m scatterbrained and losing it but damn. I’m too old for the shit I deal with but too young to be that brain dead.

A lot of it is something unbloggable is constantly distracting me. I need to stop avoiding it, make a decision, and stick with it. That last part, that’s the hardest.

I don’t know how I sleep the majority of the day Saturday and am still exhausted.

The word “no” is becoming a major part of my vocabulary, and not only where my kid is concerned.

Wasn’t I complaining about not being able to do my job last night? Today Fight Club’s phones are working just fine and I’m kinda upset. Mostly because I don’t want to deal with people tonight.

My favorite-est manager at Fight Club ever has returned! Yay! Although I’ll never work with him because he works days.

I am not in the mood for tomorrow. I tried to write my lesson plan but becoming a pain in my ass and complicated.

Actually I’m not in the mood for much of anything. The speaker I bought is acting weird but only in the car(?), kid is STILL up and refusing to go to sleep, saying we’re having a tea party with milk and pretzels at church tomorrow(?)(no we’re not), and I’m over not making any goddamn money at Fight Club. Even though the phones worked tonight with the problems we’ve had I’m sure people aren’t calling thinking we’re closed for business.

I just want a hug, again from someone who isn’t available to me. One long it’s going to be ok hug, and even though it’s a dirty rotten lie I’ll feel better.

I feel like everything’s about to fall apart.


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