The act of opening one’s browser and immediately forgetting what you wanted to look up.

Punxsutawney Phil says early spring

Probably a damn lying rodent.


This morning started as expected, kid refusing to wear her Darth Vader patch to school. But she’s all ready to have that penguin patch on tomorrow. Go figure.

Dad took her to school for Doughnuts with Dad. He’s good about going to that stuff with her. She said he’s special because I go with her to mom things and both he and my mom go with her to grandparent things but only he gets to go to both dad and grandparent things. Sometimes she’s a good kid. When she’s not showing her ass.

After I woke up from my morning nap, I found an email adding last minute stuff to something I was working on.

How I felt when I opened that email

Easy to pound out, but put me behind this morning. By the time I made it to my usual breakfast spot I felt like lunch. We’ll see if their patty melts are any good.

They are! Yay. Nothing better than a fantastic patty melt.

Not the one I had, but a delicious image.

Iowa picks Cruz…I don’t know if that’s better or worse than Trump. Granted I wouldn’t vote for either of them. Or any of the Republican clown car. I’m kinda torn on Bernie and Hillary. My heart lies with Bernie’s values, but without a liberal congressional revolution I don’t see how he can deliver on anything. I don’t like Hillary’s ties to the establishment, but those ties will help her grease wheels in Washington. Like I need them to be one SuperCandidate. Honestly she may be better off being president of the Senate as VP. Who knows. All I know is I don’t support the GOP.

Can’t do it. Not even when they run unopposed.

I have to write an intro to feminism lesson for pre teens and teenagers. It’s hard to go from operating on a Feminism 608 level then go back to 101. I gotta think about this. Really I should start with a glossary of social justice terms and go into how they apply to feminism. “Shitty Bad Ally” is going on there. No cookies just for showing up, or for doing no work and horning in every photo op, or putting so many strings on your donation you put the organization in a moral quandary over accepting it.

I may use this.

My great weakness is patience, or inappropriate application thereof. I am too impatient with my child and too patient with people and/or situations I should not be. I my defense with the kid, people acknowledge if they had to deal with her as much as I do they wouldn’t have much patience left, either. So I guess I need to withdraw some patience from some areas and invest more in her.

Like now, when she threw a fit over wearing the Vader patch at all and said she’s scared of him and demanded another penguin. I’ll order one once I get my taxes back. SOMETIME THIS YEAR, IRS.

Kid just said, “Your breasts look like a butt when they’re pushed together. It looks like they’re about to poop.”


After she said it I put my head down and pinched the bridge of my nose. She asked if I was smiling or frowning. I told her I wasn’t sure. Pretty sure I had a Kermit look on my face.


I can’t even. Cant. even.

Later she spilled a drink and when I told her to clean it up she said, “Whatever. I’m almost a tween,” in the snottiest little teenager voice possible.

I had to leave the house this evening for sanity. One of the perks of living with parents.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. General manager at work left, assistant manager took over. Better the devil I know is my philosophy. I’m at an age, especially at work, I don’t flip out over management changes too much anymore. This is my 10th general manager. Don’t have the energy to anymore.

At least I don’t have to break in a new GM. Haaaaate doing that.

How long has SpongeBob been on the air now? Hasn’t he learned by now anything involving Plankton is bad news? Sayeth the schmuck who can’t learn when to say enough.

Man I hope I get good sleep tonight with less crazy dreams.


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