Hi, February

So far February’s started with the kid refusing to wear her eye patch to school (battle conceded to wear at home until she’s gotten used to it), a planned hour nap turned into a 3 hour nap, and I had more weird dreams again that have me reminding myself “this did not happen, that person isn’t really mad at you.”

Mixed bag, the month is young.

I got so wrapped up in a project I barely realized what time it was to get ready. Thankfully the dentist office texted me a “we’re looking forward to seeing kid” reminder. Thanks, dentist office!

We actually had a decent day today. Except where they only got one tooth sealed. Since it’s just preventative they didn’t bother rescheduling. Sealing abandoned. She kept taking the nitrous off her nose. Before they gave it to her she asked if it would make her high. She said something else hilarious after she’d had it for awhile, but I totally forgot it after all was said and done. They pumped her full of oxygen before they sent her on her way, so she was just fine afterward. I think I got some exposure from when she kept taking it off her nose, because I got a little woogie there for awhile.

We went to the store next. That was a little rough. On me. Finally home, and best of all she put on her eye patch with minimal complaint and wore it until bedtime, declaring herself comfortable enough to wear it to school tomorrow. Tomorrow is the Darth Vader patch.

Classic Simpsons tonight. Ralph Wiggum loves Lisa. Ralph asks his dad how to get a girl to like you. The answer of course is, “Be yourself, and que sera sera.” Chief Wiggum says, “persistence.” And wow did a light bulb go off. Just no, guys. See advice above. You can’t make someone like you, especially not on your timetable. People’s minds and can change BUT nothing’s ever guaranteed.

Don’t have much to say today. Guess I’ll rap it up.


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