Saturday, my day of hibernation

Pretty sure I’ve said before on this blog if I actually agree to do anything with you on a Saturday, you are very special to me. Because I wake up every Saturday morning (clock says AM, it’s morning) feeling like a punching bag.
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Do I have to get up?

Yes. Yes I do. I have an agenda for this week and it will be fulfilled. Because if not I’m further behind.

My morning breakfast spot (didn’t I say I was going to chill on it? haha, yeah I meant it when I said it) is overrun with a golf team. Out, golfers. This is my spot.

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Parenthood Challenge Level: Not Eating Young

This morning started with “Those panties have green – I won’t wear them! No touching me! No no no no no! You’re annoying me!” She slammed the bathroom door in my face repeatedly saying she wanted privacy, but whenever I checked on her she wasn’t doing what she was supposed to.

No, I don’t have a teenager. She’s in lower elementary. Can’t wait for the teen years!

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  1. Talking to young girls about feminism is awesome. Teaching them their feelings and boundaries are valid, that they don’t have to put a boy’s feelings in front of theirs, that’s makes me feel awesome and like I can rule the world.

  2. Migraines are icky and awful and negate all those great feelings. Have a great night, folks.