Crap, it’s Thursday

Thursday is my Monday.

I went to breakfast this morning, despite my wallet’s protest. Don’t care. I have to have sanity where I can find it.

Is that rock getting clos-OW!

I’m trying to upgrade a laptop at church (donated a hot minute ago and not updated regularly) from Windows Vista to at least Windows 7 if not 8. There’s a site that companies allow non profits to download software from, but Windows 7 doesn’t seem to be one of the options. I doubt this computer can upgrade to Windows 10. Ugh this is a headache. Why is it my headache? Because Vista. VISTA.


My jaw is intense today. It’s causing some of my front teeth to crowd. Every time this happens I say I would shove a spacer between two certain teeth myself if given the opportunity. Thank goodness I still have some pain meds left over from when I hurt my back. I hate to use them (really, I do, I don’t like being doped up) but this is a moment of pain and misery.

My life right now

Homework ended abruptly in tears and misery for both of us. She told me she didn’t need my help even though she was doing her work completely wrong. Threw all her work in the floor, stomped to her room. Said I wasn’t her mom.

I shouldn’t take that so hard. But I am.

Not feeling like a good mom today. Actually feeling like a shittastic one. Shitty shitty bang bang, shit on a single, shit ‘n shinola.

Work was uneventful. Thankfully.

Sometimes I get really wrapped up in church work. Like today when I was setting up a Fire Stick for a classroom tv (including sideloading apps – that’s the tedious part) and trying to update the laptop and writing the next youth history lesson and told the minister I’d help her with this month’s newsletter if no one else stepped forward and of course no one did (in defense of people we didn’t have service this week so there was no announcement from the pulpit) and tonight someone realized a meeting next month conflicts with a fundraising event and I had to send out a communication about that. I generally try not to take on more than I can handle (which happened this past fall), but sometimes I do get bogged down in minutiae and feel drained rather than fulfilled. Not there yet. Need to keep it there. I don’t normally do church stuff on Fridays but I will tomorrow so I can make sure I’m set for Sunday morning.

Totally watching SpongeBob tonight to wind down. It’s been a life sucking couple of days.

Kill my brain cells, SpongeBob

Still in desperate need of a hug from an unavailable person.


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