Woke up to a child who “forgot” computer was yesterday only and slightly more of a winter wonderland. Waiting to see if work gets cancelled again for tonight. Probably not. Can’t afford a second night off but not looking forward to driving in this mess.

Boss put a message on Facebook asking for people to come in…I can’t believe I volunteered to go in early. That should communicate the state of my wallet. At least I got to hide in the kitchen and clock some hours. Nicked myself while chopping cilantro. Bled like all get out but wasn’t much of anything.

It's just a flesh wound

Boss said I could leave and I’m trying to decide. I don’t want to stay but I don’t want to leave and it turn out to be crazy and lose money. Although more staff keep coming in so maybe I will bolt…

I left around 6. Things were steady but calm and people were chilling out while I did work they were perfectly capable of doing. The fast food and pizza places nearest the house were swamped. I thought about it then said nah…not doing it to those poor people. I felt bad enough stopping at the grocery store to get Dad’s Diet Coke.

There is nothing good on TV. There’s an ancient SVU I have on for noise. Like so old they don’t have their own ADA and Angie Harmon came over from Law & Order every so often. She was the last ADA I liked on that show. :-\

And yet I don't like Rizzoli and Isles

I’ve eaten that entire batch of chili and still haven’t pooped. I’m terrified of what’s coming.

Made kid go to bed close to usual bedtime. She didn’t like that. She said she doesn’t like me being home weekend nights. Love you, too, sweetie! Let me give you a big smooshy kiss.

Not my lips

And she was out within 20 minutes of lying down. Ha.

Someone tell Sarah Palin she needs to take personal responsibility for the garbage coming out of her mouth.

Jeff Foxworthy went from You Might Be A Redneck to Blue Collar Comedy Tour to Golden Corral commercials. All entertainment careers tank eventually.

Am I for real going to bed before midnight 2 days in a row? I don’t think I can handle that concept. Church cancelled for tomorrow, unsure of what’s going on with work. Wow. It’s not the vacation I wanted, but one much needed. Sort of. Maybe vacation from routine is the better phrase.


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