I joke that I have ice water flowing through my veins and no soul, therefore the cold doesn’t affect me. But WOW this below freezing stuff is out of my comfort zone.

My morning coffee is much loved right now.

I don’t remember what all I needed to do. My to do list is vague on that front.

And once I actually get a good start on it, I have to stop for something else. Of course.

Something that came up today worth sharing. Entered my radar via the awesome Captain Awkward. I can’t recommend her enough.

I tried to delete a period 6 times that was actually a speck of dust on my screen.

Always relevant

Up to a balmy 38°F now. Yesterday the kid got off the bus in a t-shirt carrying her coat instead of wearing it. Child ain’t right.

Tell me again why people are allowed to ride unlicensed unregistered ATVs on the road. Are they even? One of the things I hate about rural living.

I’m over these save the animals commercials. I wish people put as much effort into helping end poverty, inequality, racism, sexism, etc. as they did saving a puppy. (Disclaimer: I like puppies. And kittens. Not so much birds.) Point is, animal neglect is too often a cause people work at to because it’s easier than addressing systemic and internalized oppression.

I'm going to turn into one of these

It’s gonna be pizza night.

At least it is if my parents (who are already out) will pick it up on their way home. I don’t want to go out in this cold again if I can help it.

I am quite upset with the state of children’s television today. My kid is watching Teen Titans Go and…bleh. I dream better inanity than this. SpongeBob is entertaining but brain cell killing. I refuse to let her watch the live action Disney and Nick shows. She picks up some nasty attutudes from those. At least she’s not watching Pokemon right now.

Oh lord please not Paw Patrol. I’d rather watch SpongeBob.

(ok i kinda like spongebob)

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

It’s no brain needed TV. Good to go to sleep to.

Of course they didn’t call until they were well on their way home…screw it, I didn’t need to spend pizza money anyway. But it would’ve tasted so good. 😣

There is a wintery mix coming down. Do not like.

Damn I want pizza so bad right now.

She’s listening to the Pokerap at Alvin and the Chipmunks speed. I might get sick.

Desire for pizza won. It’s just light rain right now. Sincerely doubt the snow, if it returns, will stick. Forecast isn’t even calling for ice.

Good it seems to be pretty much over. Told the kid looks like school and no delay tomorrow and she stuck her tongue out at me.

Hell, not even raining now. At least not where I am.

Oh, pizza, you are wonderful and delicious and give me the itis.

Side effects include mudbutt

I want to go to bed now but if I do the kid won’t go to sleep on time. Not that she really will but I’ll have to confiscate her video game at bedtime. She just ran up all excited about some character evolving or something. I don’t even try.

I can’t wait for bedtime. I think I’ll take some Advil PM to sleep better. Still really sore. You’d think I actually did stuff this week.

And here we go with the bedtime fight.

So is she.

Well that was World War IV. (I think history will judge this era as III.) My mom banished kid from sleeping with her tonight and it Did Not Go Well. I finally got her settled on the couch and will let her sleep there in the name of sanity. I had to get on to my parents about caving to her. Mom was texting me from her room she was about to give in. I told her absolutely not. Kid was warned last night. Folding because she threw a tantrum only leads to more tantrums. She knows damn better.

In other news, no tax refund yet. I knew that first date was too good to be true. Psycho checking my account won’t make it happen any faster either.

Hallelujah, I feel the Advil PM and my nighttime med kicking in. Someone last week told me I was such a pillhead now. Maybe so, but at least I have scrips for my stuff.

Wasn't insulted, but appropriate meme is appropriate

I don’t have anything that good. Even the “best” thing I have is such a low dose it only makes me loopy if I take it on an empty stomach.

Wish me luck with the kid. She’s calmed down but not going to sleep.


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