My day should not be this hard already

Alarm 1 @ 6:45: snooze (intentional)
Alarm 2 @ 6:30: Get child up

And that’s where it went downhill.

She didn’t like the shirt I grabbed for her (but won’t pick her own the night before). The shirt she wanted was who knows where. My mother did not like my system so she passive aggressively rearranged things to her satisfaction. Now I can’t find anything.

It took 10 minutes to get her dressed. You’d think I had a toddler instead of an elementary aged kid.

Then it took extra long to get out of the house, I had to go back in twice for stuff, hastily wrote her teacher an email in the parking lot. Then a friend texted me the buses weren’t running, the transportation office had no idea when they’d be ready, could I please go get her kids and take them to school? Of course. I’m not going to let kids stand at the side of the road in 20°F when no one can tell them when the bus is coming.

Naturally the bus arrived just as they were getting in the car. I wasn’t surprised, though. I live in the sticks. I figured by the time I got up to them the bus would be running.

Morning nap can’t happen now. Shit. Guess I’ll go get dressed and get breakfast. Yes, I could eat breakfast at home. Home does not have a coffee maker. Or a breakfast maker that is not me.

Maybe I could lie down for a few minutes…

No, I’ll never get going if I do.

Fun fact: my car has no heat because the fan stopped working. I can see my breath as I drive today. When it’s this cold I take my kid to school in my dad’s car, then come back home, get ready, and switch to my car. And believe me, my southern bones cannot handle these below freezing temps.

Oh coffee is amazing today.

I was trying to capture the steam. Didn’t happen.

I don’t want to leave my warm perch.

I’m thinking of getting a wireless Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet. Probably should’ve gotten one awhile back. I think it will make my tablet more useful to me as a word processing device, which is something I could use a lot more of right now. I thought the stylus feature would help me more when I got it, and it’s been nice for note taking in meetings. Not so much for long periods of writing, especially when I don’t have a desk or table to sit at.

Found one for $40 at Office Depot. Remind me when I’m lamenting I have no money I could’ve waited until I got my tax refund and/or could’ve gotten it cheaper on Amazon.

I seriously regret not getting one of these earlier. This is going to keep me from running out and getting a laptop I don’t need. Google Docs will do just fine for my needs at this time. One day if I ever get a job that requires computer work I’ll get a good laptop. Maybe a Surface Tablet. For now, this is rocking my socks. There’s a bit of a learning curve on the feel of the keyboard. The backspace works on a smidge of a delay so I’ve learned not to hold it down for too long; select and delete work better for large editing. The caps isn’t super responsive, either. I have to pause a hot second. Sure, I could shift. I don’t believe in shift. This is also supposed to work with my phone but I don’t see me doing a whole lot of that. That just seems silly for that. I mean I guess if I didn’t have my tablet, but if I didn’t have the tablet I probably wouldn’t have the keyboard either, would I?

I have to start believing shift. This caps and I are not going to get along super well. I also had to install an app called Null Keyboard so the onscreen keyboard didn’t pop up every time I touched the screen, like to reposition the cursor or select. They had a wireless mouse that works with tablets, too, but I’ll wait and see how I work with the keyboard/touchscreen combo. And there’s always the S-Pen to select with.

Caps and I are getting along better. Sort of. Of course as soon as I started typing this sentence we stopped cooperating so well.

I also have to remember to turn the Bluetooth off on the tablet and turn the keyboard off to save battery. It uses AAAs but I dont want to burn through them left and right.

My gas light is on. Should stop but don’t wanna. I can get home and back to the nearest gas station.

Wonder how the kid’s behaving in school today. Got an email from her teacher she received the Pokemon cards I sent as hostages incentive. Not a peep about behavior. Don’t want to get my hopes up. No news could mean same old or still time for her to act out.

I’m still loving this at home on the couch. Sitting down, chilling, typing away on my tablet. I could actually sit the tablet on the little table next to me with the keyboard in my lap and it would work just fine. But my lap is in line of sight to the TV, and that is quite important right now. Maybe it shouldn’t be, but it is.

Kinda wishing this keyboard was backlit. Would’ve been more money. I’ll live.

Texas DPS director says trooper that pulled Sandra Bland over is responsible for situation’s escalation. That’s not rocket science. I think it’s funny (and by funny I mean ridiculous) the same people who say she brought it on herself by being rude are the same ones who get indignant with the cops themselves but get away with it due to white privilege.

Tomorrow would be great, thanks.

Most likely next Friday, because life.

Kid had semi acceptable behavior today. I’ll take it. No hostages returned yet. (She also hasn’t realized I took the big notebook of Pokemon cards away, too.) She likes my keyboard, too, for her one day of typing spelling words. She thinks she’s going to use it and the tablet more often. Haha.

Has plenty of her own toys to play with.

Haven’t heard from one of my friends lately. Trying not to be overly concerned. They’re the type that needs their space when things are rough. It is at odds with my nature to fix all the things, but I am me and they are them so my lane, I am trying to stay in it. Not my strongest trait.

They’ll call when they’re ready.

Sitting in my kid’s room nagging her to clean up. I hid her video game in her room so she’s grudgingly cleaning it in order to find it. Won’t be the best job, but it will be an improvement.

Only downside to this keyboard is it runs the tablet’s battery down quicker. Bluetooth isn’t a feature I use regularly on any device. I forget what a battery sucker it is. I remember when Bluetooth earpieces first came out and everyone had to look cool and awesome wearing one and you were never sure if someone was talking to you, themselves, or someone on the phone. Now they have those around the neck things. They tried to sell me one when I bought my current phone. The $80 price tag made me say hell no.

I can’t take a nap this afternoon. It’ll mess me up so bad for tonight.

Ok it was just a little nap. Feel groggy but not dead.

I need to take my daily meds before I forget.

I wrote that, then forgot. Again.

My kingdom to get this kid in bed….

Sarah Palin endorses Trump. That’s what I get for invoking her name the other day.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

That’s a ticket that makes me vomit. *shudder* I thought one she got fired from Fox “News” and her reality show was cancelled that would be the last of her.

Finally remembered to take all my meds. At 7:30. Not the end of the world but way later than I usually do.

Trying not to compulsively check my bank account looking for my tax return. Truly need to chill on that front. I’ll drive myself nuts if I don’t.

Typing in the dim isn’t so bad on this. My typing’s gotten sloppy since I got out of college. I mean I was never going 100 wpm or anything but I never took an actual typing class so I developed my own system over the years. Tried to get the kid to keep her thumbs near the space bar today and type two handed but she wants to keep hunting and pecking. She’s only 8. Plenty of time for her to do real typing.

My neck is quite unhappy with me today. At least that one line of muscles on the side stopped hurting so bad.

Already thinking of a hot cup of coffee tomorrow morning. Can’t have any after noon or I can’t sleep. Don’t need any help on that front.

26 degrees tomorrow at school drop off time. Oh hell no. Might have to pour that coffee over me,

Someone owes me a breakfast. I should collect soon.

Now I want to root my tablet so I can at least upgrade it to KitKat. I’m scared to, though. Mostly afraid of bricking it. With my phones I don’t root because it voids the warranty and my cell service contract. This is a wifi only tablet, warranty’s expired…hmmmm….one of my bosses rooted this exact tablet. Maybe I’ll ask him the best way to do it. So long as I can back up my Candy Crush Soda Saga progress. Priorities, man,

Level 355. You wouldn't want to lose this progress either

Tired but not feeling bedtime yet. Taking allllll my meds at once has me looped. There’s a reason I space two of them apart. And yet, loopy does not equal tired. Not fair.


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