Once a day

New plan: blog throughout the day and post once at night

I’ve been doing a lot of volunteer work with the youth at my church. It fills the gap of missing teaching but not wanting to go back to dealing with administrators and politicians. I’m barely agnostic, some days lean atheist, so I go to the Unitarian Universalist church in town. It has its pros and cons as every place does, but I do like it. I chair the education committee (there’s a specific thing we call it but that’ll do for clarity). We meet this Sunday so I’ve been working on the agenda this week. We’ve also gotten a bunch of new tech toys so I’ve been setting those up all week. In doing so I’ve decided Amazon’s Fire Stick would be so much more powerful and popular if it wasn’t such a chore to sideload Android apps to it. Just give it up, Amazon. Allow downloading from Google Play or make your App Store make more sense.

I’ve had a serious craving for spicy chicken sandwiches for the past week. No idea what’s triggered it. They’ve comprised an unhealthy percentage of my short term diet. At some point I have to shift gears.

Unsure of the source. Love the sentiment.

Yet another pit bull bite case on People’s Court today. I can’t decide if it’s an aggressive ill tempered breed or stupid owners and people cause them to get pissy. Maybe a combination of those factors.

I never want to go to work, but today I really super don’t. Winning $8 in the Powerball has gone to my head.

This cat is my role model

At least if I had to get a migraine I have nice (legally prescribed) meds in hand.

Hallelujah for muscle relaxers is all I have to say right now. Otherwise I’d be curled up in the fetal position telling everyone to shut the fuck up. Now I’m just telling them to shut the fuck up.

Wearing this as a nametag would save me a lot of time

Loving muscle relaxers right now. So much. Making my life.

True no matter how many chemical helpers you’ve had

Seriously my entire neck and shoulder region unknotted itself. You, dear reader, have no idea what a rare event that is. Usually it’s so tight Dracula couldn’t puncture through. Watch me get attacked by a vampire tonight.

Why the hell did I say that. I have a primal fear of vampires. I could barely watch Duckula as a kid. Although that was a creepy ass intro. British kid shows can be freaky, man. Look at Teletubbies. We made Yo Gabba Gabba though. Not exactly our shining hour.

Someone told me I was funny today. I told her it was be funny or go insane. It was a lie. I’m already insane.

At least I don’t hallucinate

That Green Day song everyone plays at graduation season is on. Never cared much for it. I heard it’s really a song about moving on from a break up? That’s what Patsy Cline is for.

How many goddamn spicy chicken sandwiches am I going to eat today? And why the hell do I want them so bad? I’m seriously ashamed to say how many I’ve eaten today.

Speaking of ashamed, I just realized I worked myself into a mental frazzle by misreading something.

I need Hooked on Phonics

I’m going to watch Law & Order and pretend almost everything from 4pm on didn’t happen.

I’m going to breakfast tomorrow, damn it.


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